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TNERC’s Amendment to Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation Regulations, 2010 dtd 16.05.2015.pdf54.84 KBDownload Pdf
Misc Peti No.9 & 10 of 2015 filed by TANGEDCO before TNERC dtd 24.12.2015.pdf10.40 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO had informally extended the relaxation of Peak Hour Restriction from 01.10.2015 dtd 02.12.2015.pdf9.76 KBDownload Pdf
Present position on R&C Measures dtd 30.09.2015.pdf8.31 KBDownload Pdf
(TNERC) vide its order on M.P. No. 34 of 2014 dtd 15.10.2015.pdf9.65 KBDownload Pdf
Constitution of Technical Sub Committee in TECA dtd 07.09.2015.pdf10.44 KBDownload Pdf
TECA’s 17th Annual General Meeting Notice and Annual Report 29.07.2015.pdf12.68 KBDownload Pdf
Tamil Nadu has released the Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012 dtd 10.07.2015.pdf10.15 KBDownload Pdf