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Indian President addressed on Power Sector on 09.06.2014.pdf39.90 KBDownload Pdf
Comments invited on TNERC Draft Notification on supply code dtd 27.05.2014.pdf84.94 KBDownload Pdf
TN Government Press Release on power cut dtd 27.05.2014.pdf44.98 KBDownload Pdf
ACCD charges with BSPC for 2nd & 3rd installments.pdf42.51 KBDownload Pdf
TECA meeting on 12th & 19th May 2014 on TANGEDCO Load Shedding Protocol details submitted to TNERC.pdf38.73 KBDownload Pdf
High Court Order dtd 27.01.2014 on Windmill Must Run matter.pdf32.28 KBDownload Pdf
Requesting to send the suggestions for a scheme of load shedding by TANGEDCO.pdf32.27 KBDownload Pdf
Suggestions for a scheme of load shedding by TANGEDCO.pdf41.00 KBDownload Pdf