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Tamil Nadu Government Press Release on withdrawal of Power cut from 05th June 2015 dtd 01.06.2015.pdf9.83 KBDownload Pdf
Petition filed before APTEL Challenging TNERC’s Suo Motu Tariff orders dated 11.12.2014 dtd 16.03.2015.pdf9.95 KBDownload Pdf
TNERC vide its draft Notification No. SC-7 dated 3-2015 dtd 09.04.2015.pdf15.86 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO’s instruction on ASD and Allowing interest on security deposit dtd 25.03.2015.pdf12.23 KBDownload Pdf
The court directs the consumers to pay 25% of the harmonic compensation charges 07.01.2015.pdf9.58 KBDownload Pdf
Govt of TN had filed a Transfer Petition before Hon’ble Supreme Court dtd 17.12.2014.pdf10.26 KBDownload Pdf
Senior Counsel Mr. R. Gandhi has filed a Public Interest Litigation dtd 09.12.2014.pdf10.20 KBDownload Pdf
TNERC vide Order No. SMT Order No. 9 of 2014 dtd 16.12.2014.pdf9.08 KBDownload Pdf