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TECA have filed an appeal No. 9213 & IA 15113 filed before APTEL.pdf11.59 KBDownload Pdf
TECA comments on TANGEDCO Tariff Revision Petition for the year 2013-.pdf9.86 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO’s revised instruction on Power Cut.pdf11.13 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO’s instruction for relaxation of power cut.pdf11.23 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO will measure the harmonics level of the consumer 3 months.pdf12.29 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO TANTRANSCO has filed Tarff revision Before TNERC.pdf8.34 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO insisted to HT Consumers who are applying for Open Access.pdf15.16 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO has lifted 40% power cut both in Energy & Demand.pdf9.89 KBDownload Pdf