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TNECJC Meeting held on 23.11.2013.pdf14.99 KBDownload Pdf
TN Govt Notifica.No. 34 dated 28.08.2013 proposal for Sub-Station and Transmission Lines.pdf9.46 KBDownload Pdf
TN Govt levied Electricity Tax in two stages viz. 5% tax on the consumption of Electricity.pdf13.97 KBDownload Pdf
TN Electricity Ombudsman had passed an order dated 08.11.2013.pdf10.41 KBDownload Pdf
The Directors Members Other Associations.pdf21.17 KBDownload Pdf
TECA Petition on SPO & TNERC Tarrif Petition 2013 before APTEL.pdf10.39 KBDownload Pdf
TECA Meeting on TNERC Tariff order dtd 20.06.2013.pdf9.83 KBDownload Pdf
TECA have sent a letter to TANGEDCO to provide 10 installments.pdf9.87 KBDownload Pdf