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Cir No.05 Request to send Letter to SE with regard to 20 years completed WEGs-Adjustment of the Energy generated by the 20 years completed WEG with the facility of banking to continue for 2024-25 also307.90 KB
Cir No.04 QCA Registration for Wind power- Leap Green Energy - Single QCA for the entire State - Additional Documents to be submitted.pdf270.90 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.03 Submission of documents for CGP verification with the SEs of Consumption End for 2023-24 by 100% ownership categories of WEGs Solar Power Plants before 31.05.2024.pdf290.81 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.01 “Real-Time Data Availability for Solar Generators”.pdf527.82 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.89.pdf57.69 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.86.pdf59.08 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.88 Appointment of QCA for Solar Energy- Implementation of TNERC-(Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement Mechanism [DSM] and Related Matters for Wind and Solar Generation) Regulations 285.45 KB
Cir No.87 TNERC Order in Interest on Security Deposit and Meter Caution Deposit held with TANGEDCO for the financial year 2023-24 in respect of HT and LT consumers..pdf267.25 KBDownload Pdf