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TANGEDCO will measure the harmonics level of the consumer 3 months.pdf12.29 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO TANTRANSCO has filed Tarff revision Before TNERC.pdf8.34 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO insisted to HT Consumers who are applying for Open Access.pdf15.16 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO has lifted 40% power cut both in Energy & Demand.pdf9.89 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO calculated Demand Charges for the seccond half of August 2013 R & C.pdf9.93 KBDownload Pdf
Tamil Nadu Government Press Release on Power cut from 1st October 2013..pdf9.61 KBDownload Pdf
Tamil Nadu Government has announced Solar Energy Policy 2012.pdf14.45 KBDownload Pdf
SE to collect Demand charges from open acess consumer.pdf10.20 KBDownload Pdf