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Cir No.69 Solar Power-Bidding Price for the Purchase of the TANGEDCO at Rs.3.30 per Unit-TNERC Orders-Regarding..pdf432.96 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.68 Electricity (Amendment) Rules 2024-Notified by the Ministry of Power Regarding..pdf487.43 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.67 Solar Power Generators (SPGs)-Court ordered to refund the Security Deposit paid for setting up the SPG.pdf264.59 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.66 TANGEDCO’s instruction issued updating the PAN with Aadhar-Regarding.pdf268.22 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.64 TECA’s Technical Committee Meeting on 06.01.2024.pdf275.29 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.63 TECA Representation to Levy the Maximum Demand charges as per Clause 6(b) of the TN Electricity Supply Code 2004..docx19.09 KBDownload Doc
Cir No.62 MoP Seeking comments on Draft Electricity (Late Payment Surcharge and Related Matters) Amendment Rules 2023-Regarding.pdf267.82 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.61 Encashment of Unutilised Banked Units during the R&C period -Whether 75% or 100%-.pdf280.02 KBDownload Pdf