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Cir No.88 Appointment of QCA for Solar Energy- Implementation of TNERC-(Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement Mechanism [DSM] and Related Matters for Wind and Solar Generation) Regulations 285.45 KB
Cir No.87 TNERC Order in Interest on Security Deposit and Meter Caution Deposit held with TANGEDCO for the financial year 2023-24 in respect of HT and LT consumers..pdf267.25 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.85 Workshop to discuss the appointment of QCA for Solar Energy Forecasting and Scheduling-Regarding.pdf273.91 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.84 Clarification issued by Hon’ble Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR)- GST not to be collected on certain charges levied by the TANGEDCO.pdf269.17 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.80 TANGEDCO executing EWAs in contrary to the Tariff Order of TNERC in respect of Solar Power Generators (SPGs) and refusing to grant monthly encashment of unutilized energy .pdf360.59 KBDownload Pdf
Cir No.79 Invitation to Interaction Meeting to discuss the current Regulation of TNERC on Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement Mechanism (DSM) and related matters- Regarding.pdf362.27 KBDownload Pdf