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Cir-72- Delegating the Powers to sanction reduction of Loads.pdf572.88 KBDownload Pdf
Cir-71- Final hearing at Supreme Court on 01.03.2023 on CGP Matter.pdf577.43 KBDownload Pdf
Cir- 70- Levy of Additional Surcharge on the energy sourced through Exchanges - Third Parties- TNERC Order passed.pdf595.77 KBDownload Pdf
Cir- 69 - Interest on Security Deposit for the Financial Year 2022-23 in respect of HT and LT consumers – Ordered.pdf576.68 KBDownload Pdf
Cir 68 - Submission of documents for CGP verification.pdf524.87 KBDownload Pdf
Cir 67 - Status of Hearing on TECA Appeal before Hon’ble APTEL in the matter of TNERC Tariff Order.pdf685.25 KBDownload Pdf
Cir-66- TECA Appeal filed before Hon’ble APTEL in the matter of TNERC Tariff Order.pdf620.34 KBDownload Pdf
Cir-65- CE-NCES communication seeking for documents to process the refund of Solar Security Deposits.pdf679.04 KBDownload Pdf