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CFC instruction on T&D LOSS dtd 07.05.2018.pdf585.27 KBDownload Pdf
T & D loss reply to SE 3 installments dtd 23.07.2018.docx10.57 KBDownload Doc
Reply letter to CGP dated 20.07.2018.docx14.53 KBDownload Doc
High Court Order on OA less than 1 Mw dtd 27.04.2018.pdf163.70 KBDownload Pdf
TANGEDCO Circular Memo -Revised T&D Loss percentage-02.04.2018.pdf691.34 KBDownload Pdf
Revised Charges with effect from 01.04.2018 due to the Order No. 6 of 2018 dated 13.04.2018.pdf478.47 KBDownload Pdf
Open Access less than 1 mw dtd 17.04.2018.pdf2.09 MBDownload Pdf
TNERC Tariff order on Wind power and related issues dtd 13.04.2018.pdf794.48 KBDownload Pdf