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CEA-non payment of Renewable Energy dtd 05.08.2019.pdf 6.05 MB Download Pdf
Irregular curtailment of wind and solar power copy.pdf 323.14 KB Download Pdf
CFC Deemed Demand letter to all SEs dtd 19.11.18.pdf 203.79 KB Download Pdf
CFC working inst implementation of OA software dtd 14.02.2019.doc 33.50 KB Download Doc
Teca Comments on draft Indian Wind Turbine Certification Scheme dtd 05.12.2018.docx 17.53 KB Download Doc
TANGEDCO Working Instruction for preparation of CC Bill for January 2019_19.02.2019.docx 13.34 KB Download Doc
Tnerc order on Securit Deposit for 2018-2019.pdf 170.79 KB Download Pdf
Notification of CEA obligating Harmonic Controls even from 11 kV supply lines with effect from 08.02.2019 (1).pdf 350.39 KB Download Pdf